SurveilStar Support Email:

Basically, SurveilStar support team will reply to your email within 48 hours in business days. For general inquiry or technicial support, please feel free to contact us at below support email address.

1. We have released a online support center with User's Manual, FAQs, Howto's and other information, you may find it helpful.

2. To purchase SurveilStar, please go to Buy SurveilStar Online.

SurveilStar - The best employee monitoring software and parental control software

SurveilStar Basic IT Structure

SurveilStar develops and markets PC/Internet monitoring software for business, education, government and even home users.

Recognizing that corporations, schools and families need to know how their employees or kids are using their PCs and what they are doing on the Internet, SurveilStar Inc. provides the powerful and easy-to-use PC/Internet monitoring software that improves productivity.

SurveilStar records and controls all computer and Internet activities - emails, web sites, chats and instant messages, program activities, document operations, movable devices, printers, and many more. You can watch real-time screen snapshots and stop sabotage or data theft in time.

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