IT Structure of SurveilStar

Server, Agent and Console play different roles in the monitoring system

Basic IT Structure

SurveilStar Server

It is used to store management policies and the data gathered from agent computers.

  • Microsoft SQL Server database needs to be installed before installing SurveilStar Server. SurveilStar Server needs to work with Microsoft SQL Server and you need to follow our user manual to configure the settings correctly.
  • You can use either free editor or enterprise edition. MSDE 2000 SP4 or high versions are all supported.
  • SurveilStar Server sends rules and commands created in Console to agent on monitored computers.
  • SurveilStar Server receives and stores all logs, screen snapshots and policies.
  • SurveilStar Server must be running for logging in console to view the collected data, create new policies or change exsited policies.

SurveilStar Agent

It is used to collect data and execute management policies.

  • Agent must be installed on the computers you want to monitor.
  • Agent collects all the data on the monitored computers.
  • Agent sends the collected data to the server invisibly.
  • Agent executes the commands and policies created in the console.
  • Installed agents can't be neither detected nor uninstalled by user or anti-virus program.
  • Agent should be created on the server computer.
  • When online, agent can only be uninstalled in Console, when offline, confirm-code must be generated in Console and authorized to the user to remove the agent.

SurveilStar Console

It is used to set policy, view data and gather statistics.

  • You can view real-time screen snapshot from the monitored computers in SurveilStar Console.
  • You can take actions to the monitored computers in console, like restart, shutdown, log off, lock, unlock, etc.
  • SurveilStar Console provides you PC information, activity logs and statistics for your review and analysis.
  • SurveilStar Console helps to maintain the monitored computers remotely.
  • In the console, you can create various policies to restrict the activities on employees' computers.
  • In the console, you can assign different priviledges to different staff, change password, manage collected data and more.
  • Depending on your need, console can be installed on any computers in local area network.

Flexible License to Meet Your Requirements

Free Trial
Free Trial

SurveilStar is available for free trial. Try full function to monitor 5 computers for 30-days. Fully evaluate and review SurveilStar before you make up your mind to deploy it or not.

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Free Support & Upgrade

Any enquiry before or after purchasing will be welcome. And it's one-time purchase, any function and software upgrade are free of charge. No extra cost is needed.

Easy Extension
Easy Extension

You can easily monitor more computers by upgrading existed license whenver it's necessary. There is no money waste and it fully depends on your need.

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